One of the grape varieties to watch in 2021 is Albariño or Alvarinho.

Growing on the Iberian Peninsula on some of the oldest living vines in the world, the grapes are tiny with thick skins, making them hard to produce.

Dominant growing regions:

Most Albariños are grown on pergolas to keep the grapes dry and rot free.

Traditionally, winemakers have treasured freshness with no ageing in oak, however some new producers are making rich oak-aged styles.

The result is a citrus pith like bitterness, with nectarine and grapefruit flavours.

Tasting Profile

  • Fruit – 4
  • Alcohol – 3
  • Body – 2
  • Acidity – 5 

A grape variety that is a friend to all things from the sea. Albariño pairs exceptionally with white fish and meat.

Pair with seafood risotto, mussels or even padron peppers.

One of the trendy regions of 2021 is Portugal, why not combine the two and try the Vale do Homem, a lively, vibrant citrusy Albariño from Portugal with tangy refreshing acidity.

“Tastes like a sherbet lemon and lime can of fizzy pop”

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