Orange Wednesdays

One of the wine trends of 2021 is orange wine, but what is it? 

Orange wine is a type of white wine produced when grape skins and seeds are kept in touch with the wine juice during fermentation.

The deep orange colour comes from lignin in the seeds.

One of the reasons for the rise in popularity of orange wines is that the production process is natural without the addition of additives, yeast or sulphites.  This process dates back to ancient times when wines were fermented in large subterranean vessels and sealed with beeswax. 

3 orange wine producing regions to look out for:

  • North Eastern Italy
  • Slovenia
  • Georgia

Due to their bold flavour, orange wines can stand up to strongly flavoured foods, such as tangy hard cheeses or roasted veg. 

One of the most popular wines in our cellar is the Solara from the Romanian estate Cramele Recas in Timislui.  Produced naturally this wine is vegan, organic and full of flavour.

This style of wine is suitable for all year round consumption; refreshing like a white wine, with the complexity of a red wine.  

"Tastes like a peach and apricot yoghurt or a tangy marmalade"


*Cheers in Romanian 



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