Yay for Muscadet

What makes this grape variety so great?

Because it pairs perfectly with seafood and with its high acidity, Muscadet acts as a perfect pallet cleanser.

Throw some mussels/prawns in a pan, add garlic, parsley, butter and a splash of Muscadet.  Cook the linguine, pour yourself a glass and serve. 


Check out La Roche Blanche from the Loire valley in France.

This wine is matured on its lees (dead yeast cells) to add body and a bit of oomph to the citrus and mineral flavours.  Perfect for a creamy white wine sauce.

If you aren’t a fan of seafood, then fear not. As bottling happens straight after maturation in the barrel, this wine as a slight fizz - the perfect refreshing aperitif.

Did you know?

Muscadet is the name of the region in the Loire valley and the grape variety.

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