The Round the World Case (Red)

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This case has been carefully selected to offer a broad range of styles and flavours of red wine from the New and Old World. 

Please note: if for any reason we must change a wine in your case, we’ll hand-select a similar wine that’s of equal or even higher value – a free upgrade! See below for the current lineup.

1 x Santa Macarena, Chile

"Tastes like a summer berry strudel covered in vanilla custard"

1 x Casato di Melzi, Italy

"Tastes like a leather belt dunked in black berry trifle"

1 x Mont Rocher, France

"Tastes like a raspberry Crème brûlée served in a Parisian side street"

1 x La Tribuna, Spain 

"Tastes like a piece of toast smothered in homemade strawberry jam"

1 x Man Meets Mountain, Argentina

"Tastes like a shot of boozy berry pudding"

1 x Rising River, South Africa

"Tastes like a spiced fruit pudding smothered in a smoky sauce"